• Technology is the fastest growing sector in B.C.
  • 83,000 new tech jobs are expected to be added by 2027
  • The B.C. Government is investing $100 million into #BCTECH strategy
  • Technology jobs pay 66% higher wages than non tech jobs
  • B.C. post-secondary institutions are adding 2,900 spaces in their technology-related programs

JABC TechWorks introduces B.C. youth to the jobs of the future

JABC TechWorks is an exciting multi-school program experience that introduces B.C. students to a variety of tech and tech-related careers. Because technology is a leading economic driver of growth, the demand for skilled employees is sky high.

In 2021, JABC is converting the traditional one-day JABC TechWorks program into an interactive online program that will reach approximately 2,000 students province-wide— more than ever before. JABC TechWorks 2.0 will:
• Be comprised of high production quality digital content aimed at student learners in grades 9-12
• Be focused on a variety of technology sub-sectors to ensure that the breadth of career opportunities related to tech in B.C. are well represented
• Include live Q&A sessions between the presenters & students that accompany the digital content
• Offer the digital content on-demand after their initial release, so more students will have an opportunity to learn about tech related career opportunities in B.C


View full video from 2019 in-person program

Upcoming TechWorks

By 2023 we plan to deliver TechWorks to five regions annually: Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, Northern B.C. and Surrey-Fraser Valley.

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“This event will make a difference in the lives of many of them – influencing the way they think
and choices they make in the future.”

Educator, Vancouver

I have opened my eyes to working somewhere in the technology field. This gave me a bit of a head start and I am grateful for it.

Student, Vancouver
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