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I will be attending TechWorks…

Welcome to TechWorks! We are looking forward to hosting you. Here is some important information to help you prepare for the day:

  • All JABC TechWorks programs are tech-friendly. That’s right, you can bring your mobile phone! In fact, one of the activities involves using your phone for a live audience poll to answer questions about B.C.’s technology sector.
  • You will be given a TechWorks t-shirt. You must wear this shirt for the entire time you are at TechWorks. This very important as we hold many of these events at a University and we need to be able to identify you. In addition, sponsors have a spent a lot of money to help us organize TechWorks and they are recognized on the back of your t-shirts.
  • There is a mandatory coat and bag check. If possible, please leave your backpacks at home. We’ll provide lunch and a swag bag so you don’t need anything except your phone and a water bottle (and maybe your bus pass if you are taking transit!).
  • Scores of business volunteers have worked diligently for weeks to present the topic and activities they hope you will find to be fun and engaging. While the volunteer presenters are not professional teachers they are enthusiastic and passionate advocates for their areas of expertise. Please remember they are volunteering their time at TechWorks and we ask that you show them respect during the presentations and thank them for their time.
  • You will be emailed a survey after you participate in TechWorks. Please take some time to complete it as your feedback is very important in helping us plan future events. We want to make sure we bring exceptional experiences to students participating in TechWorks around the province.
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